With Pro-face's open connectivity, the SP5000 series allows a huge variety of data to be downloaded to SMART PORTAL and transmitted in an optimal format to those who need it.

Improved Performance!

Our flagship HMI, the SP5000 Series Open Box allows you to use Windows applications on it. More comfortable with Windows applications!

Can work with a camera app and data collection software to improve process monitoring.

Use controller configuration tools and vision sensor apps to debug quickly by HMI.

Anyone can troubleshoot using PDF and video manuals.

[Cloud Computing]
Windows standard Ethernet connection enables use of Cloud system.

Runs Windows applications

SP-5B41 NEW!

Model PFXSP5B41 Main Memory DDR3L SDRAM 2 GB
OS Windows Embedded Standard 7 with Service Pack 1 Application Memory 64 MB
Free space: about 17 GB (3x larger than the traditional model)
CPU Intel Atom Processor E3825 1.33 GHz (Dual core/Dual thread) Backup Memory NVRAM 320 KB
L2 cache Memory 1 MB Video Memory Up to 256 MB (UMA main memory)


  - Use windows applications
  - Use On-Site HMI
  - High-speed Processing
    - Connect different networks
  - Sudden power interruption
    - Supports open designs
  - Eliminate tasks and costs
  - Use in a variety of locations